Association For Student Loan Relief AFSLR

Association For Student Loan Relief AFSLR

US Student Loan Center is proud to announce that is now a formal member of The Association For Student Loan Relief (“AFSLR”).

What is AFSLR?

AFSLR is the leading association of professionals associated with the main purpose of assisting Americans who are burdened with student loan debt.  AFSLR was created as a resource for companies which were operating in this industry, as well as for people in need of assistance and wanting to know they were in the hands of a respectable and trustworthy company.

AFSLR provides invaluable access to information via newsletters, monthly calls and conferences held specifically for our industry.  Additionally, having our customers know that they are working with a member of an industry group such as AFSLR is an important step, since it weeds out companies with poor intentions.

AFSLR was formed in order to advocate for consumers in the fight for alternatives and solutions regarding their student loan debt relief options. Anyone who does business with an AFSLR member is protected by a very strict code of ethics that ensures consumers receive the fair and aggressive advocacy they need.”

AFSLR ensures we are here to:

  • Support individuals dealing with student loan debt;
  • Promote and enforce industry “best practices”;
  • Provide a forum for like-minded companies in the industry to exchange ideas and networking opportunities
  • Advocate for consumer-centric legislation at the state and federal level that protects consumers.

AFSLR companies work on behalf of consumers by assisting them with a wide variety of programs, many of which are government based programs that are available to the consumer free of charge.  There are a number of different programs and services that AFSLR members may offer, however they encourage all consumers to take advantage of the advice and knowledge base offered by the government and to understand their options before enrolling with any company.
All AFSLR members agreed to abide by a Code of Ethics.

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  1. I have a student loan that is currently in default. Is there anyway to re-initiate my loan before my wages are garnished?

    1. Hey Jeremy,

      Our student loan counselors can give you the information you need! Whether you sign up or not, they’ll send you in the right direction.

      Give us a call at 877-433-7501

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